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Fanas (Jackfruit) Cutlet

raw jackfruit fanas cutletJackfruit (Kathal/Fanas) Cutlets:
Summers in India meant hardly getting any veggies of my choice..(who likes doodhi or kaddu growing up?) The only good news was jackfruit. I loved it in any form (Rase ka kathal, pickles, dry veggie) but my favorite was the cutlets that my Mom made out of them. This is her recipe:

1 small jackfruit peeled and cut into pieces (Here you get canned jackfruit that is ready to use) or about 3 small cans
3 Onions
half cup rice
1 bunch cilantro
2 spoons grated ginger
2 tea spoons chopped green chili
salt to taste
Oil for shallow frying.

Soak rice in two cups of water for two hours and then grind it into a thick paste in a grinder using water.
Put 2 cups of water in a pressure cooker, put the jackfruit pieces in it and pressure cook it for 10 minutes.
Once the cooker has cooled down, drain the water and put jackfruit pieces in a bowl. Mash cooked jackfruit. Now add onions, cilantro, ginger, chili, salt and mix well. To this add the rice paste and mix it such that the jackfruit is covered in it and the consistency allows you to make patties out of it. Rice paste binds the jackfruit mix as well as gives it a crispy taste.
Heat oil in a wok and once oil is ready, shallow fry the jackfruit patties until they turn brown.
Serve hot with green chutney or hot sauce.

Variation: You can add a little bit of garam masala or red pepper to make it more spicy.