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Chicken Stir Fry

They say necessity is mother of all inventions. This chicken stir fry recipe is one of mine. One evening after coming home from college I was standing in front of my refrigerator with the million dollar question which haunts me every day, "what to make for dinner today???" I don't know what possessed me, but just on a whim took out the following ingredients. I had read a lot of recipes recently which can be made quickly. But all the stir fry recipes that I read seemed tedious and lengthy.  I thought let me try out what I was thinking, worse come I can always serve omlette bread!!!! But to my utter surprise not only this concoction taste good but my ever finicky husband loved it too.....
Hope you find it easy to make and tasty.... Happy Eating....


Easy and Healthy Chicken Stir Fry2 Chicken breasts,
1 pack frozen stir fry vegetables,
Salted peanuts
2 tbsp Soy sauce,
salt & pepper,
4 garlic cloves,
Olive Oil

Cut garlic and slice chicken breasts into think strips. Heat olive oil in a wok on high flame. When hot put in garlic, peanuts, add chicken strips. Let it cook (its will cook pretty quickly). Add frozen stir fry vegetable pack. The frozen veggies will leave some water, let it evaporate. Add soy sauce, salt and pepper. Stir the mixture and remove on a plate.

If you have time on hands, you can cut the chicken strips and let it marinate in any store brought marinades. I have 'Drew's Sesame Chicken Marinade and Grill Sauce'. It will give the chicken extra taste, but its not necessary.