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The Da Da Chronicles

Da-Da Chronicles Bryan D'Souza is trying to get back to his first love of writing. This he says with great trepidation since his actual first love, his wife is a woman of fierce determination who spares no pans in showing him that she means business. No surprise then that together they are responsible for two rambunctious kids whose tales these pages will periodically highlight. Having lived in Memphis for over eight years, Bryan, a Sr. Ops Research Advisor at FedEx likes to shares his anecdotes to those willing to listen. He considers his style of writing to be influenced by authors like Dave Barry and Bill Bryson, although, most recently he has been relegated to reading books with pretty pictures featuring talking animals, ballerinas and the infamous Captain Underpants. Besides reading and writing, his interests include...come on, with a kid in each hand and a frowning wife at his back, you think he would have time for anything else? But most recently he did serve as the editor of the India Association of Memphis. He can be yelled-at at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .