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Fashion Police and Me

For the past one month I have started following a celebrity fashion blog. It is quite engaging and I am quite hooked on to it. It gives you a feel good factor as you go through the glamorous celebrity photos displaying to die for figures draped in designer labels. There is this commentary with the photos on the star/ starlet’s choice of clothes, shoes, bags, hair, makeup and tips along with it apart from fashion faux pas and wardrobe malfunctions. Then, not satisfied with one blog, I checked out many other similar sites and wasted many hours of good work peering over exquisite Eli Saabs, Roberto Cavalis, Valentions and so on.  Am I complaining? Hell no! If you have time to spend and are ready to neglect other mundane jobs such as arranging cupboards, going through old receipts etc, there is nothing like sitting on a bed with your laptop/ i pad checking out fashion blogs. To make it more interesting, resist yourself from checking out the prices. I feel, prices are such spoil sports.

Anyways, the point here is that fashion police kind of blogs are really entertaining sites. It is quite enjoyable to see Angelina showing off her mile long leg through the daring slit of her Versace gown at Cannes and Sonam Kapoor clad in Jean Paul Gaultier flashing her Chopard Jewellery. Apart from gowns there are other features such as celebs spotted at the airport, dining with their families, holidaying. Again comments on what they should have worn on a long flight or while roaming on the streets of Europe and the pictures/ sketches of what would have looked better on them. Rarely anyone gets it perfect. Most of them just mess it up in the eyes of the fashion police. I mean, either the dresses are too bright or too dull, too formal for the occasion or too casual. The same applies to shoes or make up and all. Then there are discussions on whether the celebrity should have opted for knee length boots or ankle length, a tote or a sling would have been a perfect choice of bag. It must have been like a lazy afternoon of gossiping for the people commenting on whether the celebs have hit it or miss it with their sartorial choices.

 That is all fine, but one thing I really do not comprehend is this fashion police’s repeat offender column. Here it is expected that a star or a model should not repeat their clothes or shoes and if they do so, they get attacked (through a blog) as the hell hath no fury like a fashion police scorned. Under this section, there were photos of Rani Mukherjee, Rekha, Sussane Roshan and many others (remember I checked many blog posts) wearing the same dress on two different occasions. In today’s world of electronic media, tracking down the old photographs and checking out who wore what at which event is just at few clicks of fingertips away, and perhaps that is the only work dedicated to them. Now the question that arises in my mind is that what these celebrities must be doing with those Valentino or Armani gowns worn once on the red carpet or a Manish Malhotra anarkali worn at some sangeet or wedding? They are not supposed to share them with their relatives unless they are much lesser known or else they also get spotted. If you have famous relatives then you are an easy target. For example I came across a picture of pregnant Aishwarya Rai wearing a traditional saree which was worn by her equally famous mother in law at some previous occasion. Both these pictures were posted by the fashion police who cried foul. It was blasphemous. How dare a famous daughter in law borrow her mother on law’s saree?  Then there was a photo of Karishma Kapoor wearing the same churidar suit worn by Kareena Kapoor before. I personally found this gesture cute as it brought them to a level of normal Indian family where occasionally a mother, mother in law or a sister gifts her saree to the other person thinking it will suit her better or simply because the other person liked it. While growing up I considered it my birthright to raid my sister’s wardrobe and help myself with whatever took my fancy. I regretted not having the same foot size or I would have freely sneaked her shoes too.

Well, if these stars are not supposed to share their expensive outfits or repeat them, then what are they supposed to do with them? Do they never see the light of the day and stay in their spacious wardrobes forever?  If they are keeping all those clothes for themselves, what kind of wardrobe they must be having? May be as big as a decent living room! I will stay happily in one of those. Or do they have a deal with the designer and get them exchanged with a reduced price like the way we get our old refrigerator exchanged for a bigger one? Or do they simply borrow these dresses from the designers? That way a designer can also get publicity and a star also gets to wear a fancy label for free. Or do they give them away to their poor relatives? Imagine an elderly aunty buying veggies In Dadar in a Sabyasachi saree. I really can’t figure out where these clothes must be going after one use.

For a person like me who wears her clothes till they are nicely faded, (some of my pairs of jeans are so faded that they don’t even remotely resemble their original shade) it looks like a worthless affair. Why can’t a person wear a dress bought from her hard earned money twice or even thrice if she wants to as long as she is not wearing it to the Oscars? I wish I get to host a chat show where I can ask my cheap questions to these fashionistas. Till then it is again the time for Cannes and I am curious to know what Aishwarya Rai will be wearing for her red carpet appearance and keeping my fingers crossed that she gets it right this time. Hey! Am I sounding like a fashion Police? High time to turn back to mundane things such as arranging my cupboard!

Fashion Police and Me