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Unique India

busy-mumbai Contrary to most of the countries of the world - where noise pollution in public places is very low - perhaps India is one of the few noisiest country in the world. As soon as you land on the soil of other country you can feel a marked difference in level of peace & orderliness on the roads as compared to Indian roads. People simply love making all sorts of noise in India.

Come festival, election, religious ceremony, political processions or marriages the environment is full of deafening noises. The blare of loudspeakers that religious groups or marriage parties use is distressing. In cinema halls too the sound is deafening so much so that charm of DOLBY or DTS music is lost. Elsewhere on streets you hear innumerable noises coming from vehicle horns, animals or hawkers. The din remains high on roads due to drivers honking purposelessly. No one bothers about a good muffler in the vehicles. Many vehicle owners take pride in use of highly disturbing pneumatic horns. Thus driving or walking on roads is irritating and tiring experience.

During marriage seasons and Diwali people recklessly use crackers in the late night  without any consideration for  studying children, patients in the hospitals and or sick people in the homes.   Everyone uses horns freely in 'No Horn' zones like schools or hospitals. Marriage processions on street block traffic and a lot of noise is made by blaring loudspeakers and crackers. The streets otherwise are full of stray animals and dogs making noise of all sorts.

Go to a vegetable market or so called Mandi (in local dialect) every one will be found yelling on the top of his voice for selling his product. There is total chaos.

Such din all round causes high blood pressure, irritability and hearing problems among population. Hearing impairment would not allow one to enjoy finer notes of music or softness of human whisper. Even babies in the womb of mother are affected due to sudden noises and explosions.

Noise pollution in India gets least attention as compared to water and air pollution. There are rules and laws to curb this menace but there is a total lack of public cooperation and will on the part of authorities to implement law. People and enforcement authorities remain insensitive to this problem due to lack of awareness and education. Law makers have always been considering themselves above law in matters of breaking the law. Even the implementing authorities consider themselves immune to rules & regulations. Rampant corruption is another reason why laws or rules can not be enforced effectively in this country.

The number of two and three wheeler traffic on the roads is enormously increasing every year. It is time strict measures are taken to control noise pollution. Educating public - children in particular - in civic sense is the need of the hour.

Unique India