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Kabhi na beete chamkeele din

Hostel DaysWhen I was leaving for hostel the first time and crying inconsolably, my mom said to me, "you will love it there and would not want to come home even on vacations. My hostel life is the best time of my life and soon you will love it too".  She was right as always. Anybody who has stayed in hostel knows that it is one of the best phases on life and those who haven't experienced it have missed out on it in a big way. Here are my top memories of Hostel life:

Dance nights: Dancing in abandon on all kinds of songs until you drop...or the warden comes in banging the door...and u don't need a reason for parties, no one has to be coaxed into joining...everyone is right there and every Friday night is by default the dance night. I remember 'Chunar-chunar' from Biwi#1 as one of hot fav numbers those days.

Group gatherings: Going out for movies, dinners, strolls and shopping in large groups, passing down patties and cold drinks in theatre during intervals from first seat in the row to the last, making seniors pay for food and movies, looking out for each other and being there for each other...the hour long three wheeler ride was just another way of having fun.

Burning the mid night oil: Exam times meant erratic schedules, sleeping during the day and studying at nights, taking turns to make tea or Maggie, working as each other's alarm clocks and encouraging each other and keeping the morale high in general.

Ratings: The first year is all about knowing each other and making friends but it is also about the Philips top ten ratings on the guys in class or seniors. Guys who would rag badly will slowly keep going down the list...it was some fun chit chatting about who likes who, who should date who, giving them nick names and giggling about all the sillyness over cups of tea and coffee.

Doing silly things together: I had most regular facials, oil massages and threading when I was in hostel, some friend would offer to do it for you...complimenting each other's wardrobe, "mangti spreee" to borrow matching accessories when you need those ear rings, friends fussing over what to wear when you have a special day, never having to buy a novel, pep talk when you are upset, mid night surprise birthday party arrangements and friends going out of their way to make you happy every day and every moment...

Canteen: That place has a culture of its own...sharing samosas over hot cups of tea/coffee, criticizing teachers and cracking jokes at each other, banging tables to give back ground music to accompany the regular singers on 'Purani Jeans and Guitar"....rings any bells? Any ex-hosteler would know what I am talking about :)

And that my friends is life in hostel!!! People say that this world if full of evil people but I like to differ...at every juncture of my life, I met wonderful people who enriched it with their presence and a lot of those were ones I met and spent time in hostel with.

Enjoy this song that really brings back fun memories from those day and is my fav:

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Kabhi na beete chamkeele din