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Happy Mothers Day

mothers dayMother's day is round the corner and I have been thinking of how to make it special for my a way that would communicate what she means to me, how special she is to me. This definitely is a tall order because communicating such intense and deep feelings in action is not easy and as I plan the day for her...I can not help but think the many ways she has shaped me into the person I am...ways I have and still rely on her even though I myself am a Mom today...
A mother daughter relationship changes and grows with time. As a baby, she mothers you, takes care of your a toddler, she becomes a playmate,  playing silly  games , as a mom became a friend with whom I could share my dreams, fears and questions without hesitation and  made me her friend too. I still think and smile about evenings, where she is dressing up for a party to go to and I and my sister are  telling her what to wear..what matches and what not.
There were times when roles reversed...I taught her how to put on compact or do a facial at home, how to make butter Paneer Masala or who is this new actress in the superhit "Kaho na Pyar Hai".
The biggest gift my mom gave us was that she taught us to be independent, confident and have a high self esteem and believe in ourselves. There was no room for self doubt.
But when you are growing up, you don't understand what it takes to be a mom, the love, care, thoughtfulness, selflessness, constant effort to do things dont see all that. There are times we take her for granted...And in spite of all that, she still does what she thinks is best for us along with the comment "You will value this and understand why I did/said it when you grow up". And how true it is.
Today being a mom...I find myself saying to God almost everyday "If I could be half as good a mother my Mom was to me, my kid will turn out okay".  A perfect balance of love and discipline, a perfect example of self confidence and selflessness, a health freak yet a cook dishing out a tiffin to school that friends used to die for, someone who always leads by example, a simple and subtle person who still has managed to convey it all to us...
I just want to say to her today...that there have been times when I have sustained the harsh circumstances only because she was so confident that I will not break and I will come out as a winner...and how could I ever let her down??? There are very few people in life who believe in you in a way that makes you believe in yourself. But that is what Mothers do...I am sure that my feelings are not unique and everyone out there feels the same way for their mom. So devote this one day making sure she knows how much she is loved and appreciated every moment for what she is and make this one day atleast all about her.  Here are some ideas

Go for a pedicure or massage session together: Take her to a Spa and get her pampered for a few hours...who does not enjoy a facial or massage or pedicure? Do it as a surprise...even better. If you live in different cities, get her a gift card and have your dad take her there.

Plan an evening together: Just the mom and you...go for shopping, a hot cuppa there after and may be dinner to her favorite place and talk about things you enjoy.

Breakfast in Bed: Pamper mom with a breakfast tray of her favorite breakfast food in the morning along with cards and flowers..give a jump start to her day. If she is in a different city, you can always use a service like FTD

Buy her a new gadget : An i-pod/MP3 player if she loves music and load it with her favorite songs, computer lessons if she is struggling with her new laptop, a camera if she needs one. And include free lessons (teacher being you) without losing patience to help her learn how to operate that camera or i-pod. Remember how many times she taught you how to spell Umbrella without losing patience when you were 7?

Give her the day off: No cooking or cleaning, no taking care of chores, no buying groceries...give her the day off and let her enjoy this one day as she wants. If she in a different city, involve your dad in the plan and get his help to give her this day to herself.

The point is get her to do what she likes because mom's never give priority to what they want to eat or like to do. Show her that you know her, know what she loves and help her enjoy the day doing that...and here is a beautiful lullaby that would put me to sleep when my mom would sing it.

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Happy Mothers Day