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India loses to South Africa

DhoniIndia lost to South Africa at the match played in Nagpur on March 12 and Facebook was abuzz with condemnation of both Nehra and Dhoni for giving the last over to Nehra and conjuring a defeat from a sure shot win. Well guys I am going to support Dhoni for his daring and his experimental spirit. The real culprit of the defeat was collapse of our middle order batsmen. India lost 9 wickets for 29, come on batsmen earn your seat at the team. I give it to Dhoni for thinking out of the box in trying to use the power play before the last 10 overs to help the middle order batsmen. This was the second time that Dhoni had called in the powerplay early. Logically I can see all the reasons for calling in early when you have good batsmen to take advantage of the powerplay. Truly, what is the use of powerplay when the last order batsmen, our fine bowlers are forced to take advantage of the powerplay. However, it seems like both the times the middle order batsmen have not risen to the occasion.

Again Dhoni’s decision to try out Nehra instead of trusted Bhajji for the last over makes sense. We have secured our place in the quarter finals. A win or loss in the match would not jeopardize that. It makes perfect sense to test if Nehra was up for it, if he had the form and if he could rise to the occasion. Now if he had, Dhoni would have found another good bowler peaking at the right time in the world cup. It was disappointing that he didn’t but this was the perfect match to test. This wasn’t like the 1986 finals at Sharjah against Pak and the whole Chetan Sharma- Miandad saga!! Have a perspective, we are in a good position to take such risks as trying out Nehra. We need better and consistent performance from our batsmen. Score at least 30-40 runs each match before throwing your wicket to crowd pleasing shots!!!

My point is how will you know, unless you take risk. Take calculated risks, don’t be afraid to make mistakes or even fail, learn from them and use it to make sure you win the matches you HAVE to win.

Chak de India…bring home the world cup Dhoni Brigade!