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Mother Of Invention - Tomato Carrot Soup


- Tomato cubes/chunks, preferably Roma tomatoes (2 ½ cups or 5 medium tomatoes)

- Diced carrot (1 cup)

- Onion chunks (1 cup or ½ of a medium onion)

- Garlic (2 small cloves)

- Black peppercorns ( 7 or 8 )

- Salt (to taste)

- Pepper (to taste)

- Sugar (to taste, no more than 1 tsp) 


How To Make:

Mix the tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and black peppercorns, and cook in a pressure cooker until soft and tender. Let the cooked veggies cool a little until they become warm to touch. Then puree them in a blender.  Heat up the blended puree in stove top and add water to achieve desired consistency. Add salt, sugar and crack more black pepper on top.



- If you don’t have a pressure cooker, you can boil the veggies on the stove top or cook them in a slow cooker.

- When blending the veggies, remove the transparent glass valve on the blender lid and cover it with a kitchen towel instead. This lets the steam escape safely, avoiding a blowup.

- You can also an immersion blender directly on the stove top as you add the seasonings

- Cool the puree to room temperature and freeze it. Stays well for a month and you can get homemade soup in minutes!


Serving Suggestions:

- Top with croutons or any variety of salty crackers you like

- Want a richer soup? Place a dollop of fresh cream just before serving.

- To make it kid friendly, float a few Whole Grain Goldfish crackers on top

- For spice lovers, garnish with finely chopped onions and cilantro


Make it a wholesome meal!

Pair the soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwich, or Bread and ‘Egg Bhurji’ (Indian scrambled eggs)

Happy cooking and stay tuned for more in my next post! Also, would love to see your ideas and recipes on this forum.