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Holi special Puran Poli

Puran PoliIngredients :

for the stuffing:
Chana Dal        -    1 Cup
(Bengal Gram Dal)    -   
Grated Jaggery    -    1 cup
Sugar            -    3-4 Tablespoons
Cardamom powder     -     1 Teaspoon
Nutmeg Powder    -    ½ Teaspoon

for the roti
Maida            -    1½ Cup
(I prefer the available at Indian Stores)
Water             -    as needed to make dough
oil            -    1 Tablespoon

To serve with Puranpoli :

Warm Milk            

How to Make :

Wash the chana dal thoroughly. In the pressure cooker, take 2½ cups of water and Chana dal and pressure cook unto 3 whistles. Reduce the heat and keep it for 5 minutes. Switch of the heat and allow it to cool completely.

Open the pressure cooker, strain the chana dal completely. The remaining water can be used to make Katachi Amti.

Heat the thick bottomed pan. Add cooked chana dal, jaggery and sugar and let it simmer on a medium heat. The jaggery will melt and mixture will become thin ans soon it will start bubbling. Keep stirring the mixture till it becomes thick and starts drying off in the edges. Add cardamom powder and nutmeg powder. Remove the mixture from heat and let it cool. Puran poli stuffing is ready.

Take maida and add 2-3 Tablespoons of oil. Add water to make smooth consistency dough. Keep kneading the dough until it becomes very elastic. Add more oil if necessary. Once the dough is ready, cover the dough with wet kitchen towel.

Make the stuffing balls of around 1½ inch thinness. Make small balls of the maida dough. (Approx. ½ inch thinness). Apply oil on your finger tip and also little on the palm. Take dough on the palm and try to spread it with fingers to a small round disc (small puri size). Place one ball of filling on the dough and cover and seal up the filling. Use dry maida to roll out the poli. Carefully roll out the dough into medium size rotis making sure the filling does not come out. Fry the puranpoli on a tawa, roasting on both sides. Puran Poli is ready to be served.

Serve the puran poli with warm milk or ghee.