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5 Things About India That Attract Me

I often get people writing to me, wondering why I choose to live in India. They think I’m a crazy for giving up my high standard of living, to be here with my husband. The thing is though, I fell in love with India long before I fell in love with my husband. Actually, I fell in love with India five years before I even met him. It happened the first time I visited India, in 2000. I was fascinated by the country. I found it to be vast, unfathomable, and full of life. I wanted to be a part of it (not that I ever imagined I would be!).

For sure, India often tests my patience. It’s like a never ending rollercoaster ride. I get frustrated and fed up. Yet, I can’t deny, I’m still under India’s spell. Here are five reasons why.

1. India is Untamed

Funnily enough, the thing the often irritates me the most about India is also the thing that ensures I’m never bored here. Every time I go outside, there is something different and interesting happening. Things that I’ve never seen before, and never thought possible. Camels, elephants, bullock carts, and overladen vehicles all jostle for position on the roads. Not to mention, the multitude of vendors with their hand pulled wooden carts. All around, everywhere, everyone is doing something.

2. Incense

The warm waft of incense never fails to awaken something in me. I love the fact that it’s so much a part of everyday life in India. I light it in the morning when I get out of bed, in the evening when it becomes dark, and often when I’m about to go to sleep as well. The smell is soothing yet inspiring at the same time.

3. Mystery

India is ancient. There is so much to discover and learn here. The history, the traditions, the rituals. And, India is a country that reveals itself only a little at a time. I feel like I have to earn my understanding of India.

4. Spirituality

I’m not a religious person, but I’m a very spiritual one. I actually don’t belong to any religion (thanks to my parents, who decided that I could make up my own mind). I’ve dabbled in a few, but it wasn’t until I came to India that anything really resonated with me. Here, God is in everything. People have such a close relationship with God in India. And, Hinduism offers so many different ways of connecting to God. It’s a religion for the mind and the body. I find the meaning behind the mythology fascinating, and strangely enough, believable. India has really helped me define what life and death is all about.

5. Clothes

I adore wearing Indian clothes. The colors, the design, all the jewellery and accessories. I feel transformed.

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