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Sachin Scores a Ton - A 100th Century

5 feet 5 inches

Sachin scores a tonTen is greater than eleven, Disagree?

Well, take a paper, pen and write “I disagree; Ten is not greater than eleven”. Even if you feel lazy to follow it, just remember this sentence, I will be asking you again.

There are only a very few things which we human beings consider constitutive - food, clothing, shelter and some other basic needs. But topics like sports, politics, entertainment or whatever dont make that list. But the undeniable fact is that, us human beings must consider a few other entities as essential. If it is Chess for Russians, and Football for Europe, for us billion and more Indians, it is “Cricket”. There are some unexplained phenomena which occur on the earth, I must say that ”Craze for Cricket among Indians” is one such unexplained mystery. But that’s a different story altogether; let’s not discuss why Indians are Cricket maniacs.

Plainly speaking, Cricket is a sport played between two teams, with 11 players on each team.

If you ask “Name an Indian cricketer” to any sane person among the 1.2 billion heads in India, I bet, you will have a consistently common answer. And that will be “Sachin Tendulkar”. To all the cricket maniacs and even to the person who never watches cricket, SACHIN TENDULKAR will always be a known name in India.  And its not only to the Indian cricket fans, but also to every person iin this world who loves the game of cricket, the name TENDULKAR will be a well known name, be it Australian or a Pakistani. Tendulkar is the Demigod of the religion called Cricket.

To speak about all his achievements, we will find that any number of days are not enough. So let's talk about one recent milestone of his - “100th Ton”. Honestly speaking, it is not so easy to score even a single ton, even when playing against a group of school guys. There are more ways to get us out of the pitch than to keep us on it. So it is with a lot of pride that we can say that an Indian “Sachin Tendulkar" has done it.

Very frankly, I don't think India is great at any sport. In the Olympics we have never made a big show. Even with a billion heads, we never rocked any sport. And in the game of Cricket we are no wonder kids. So whatever game it is, there are only some Indians who made us proud by standing tall in the global field.

A few days ago, Sachin scored his 100th 100. But India lost that game to a minnow nation (in cricket). But seems to me that that never echoed much in India, if you read or heard the news, it was always about “Sachin scored his 100th ton”. There were no sign for India’s humiliating loss against a minnow nation. Know why? If you aske me, I will point my finger at two entities - one is the Media guys and the other one is Sachin Tendulkar. That’s the craze we have here for Sachin!

Sachin is a thorough gentleman and note that we have very few gentlemen left in the gentleman’s game of cricket. There are so many incidents to prove and quote his perfect, mature behavior. But I am not the right person to write about his behavior or his attitude, because his cricketing experience is more than my age. When I was born he was playing cricket, and even today when I write this, he is still playing cricket. Thats about 22 years or so. How can a man achieve this? While most of the players who played with him are holding microphones and sticks, he still has his bat in his hand.

Forget the game and forget the country for a second, and just think of "HOW TO DEVOTE OURSELVES TO OUR INTEREST OR CAUSE”. Tendulkar, the living legend is a perfect example of that. Everyone has something to learn from him. To the millions of youngsters like me, he is still a young man when it comes to a fighting spirit and he is still a strong man when it comes to chasing our dreams.

Have you ever heard of a 'Product Life Cycle'? Well, it is all about the ups and downs of a product in its life cycle from start to finish. There are usually 4 stages - Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline.

We can relate these to almost anyone and anything. But there is a man who defies it, He had an introduction, a growth stage and a maturity stage. But he certainly will not have a DECLINE stage. For more than 20 years, he has managed to survive on the tough path and is still following his dream. Irrespective of our domain, we all must learn one thing from him, WHATEVER IT TAKES, FOLLOW YOUR DREAM.

So going back to the original question - "Is 10 greater than 11?" ie. the 11 players on a cricket team. Here is the conclusion -
If you consider Tendulkar as TEN (short form) and the rest of the cricketers as “ELEVEN”, I say, TEN is Greater than ELEVEN! Agree or Disagree? 

Visit Deepak's Blog 'What ever it takes' at for many more interesting posts.

The Difficulty of Being Married to an Indian

The topic of intercultural relationships seems to be a popular one at the moment, particularly relationships between Indians and foreigners. Therefore, I thought I’d talk a bit more about my relationship, and how I find being married to an Indian guy.

We’ve been married for almost year now, so his family have gotten used to and accepted me. I get along great with his friends, and they in turn treat me really well. They appreciate me for appreciating their culture, and trying to fit in. They even find me and my bad Hindi amusing at times.

The biggest problem I have is with strangers’ reactions to our relationship.

The fact that I am married to an Indian is greeted with shock by many Indians. I can read the expressions on their faces. Usually, it’s something along the lines of “why would she choose to marry him?”, as if my husband isn’t good enough for me.

The situation isn’t helped by the fact that I’m taller than my husband. I’m quite tall by Western standards (175 centimetres/5 feet 9 inches), but I’m very tall by Indian standards. I’m way taller than a lot of Indian men. Normally, I would prefer to be with someone taller than myself, but love is blind!

The point that I’m getting to though, is that I unfortunately and frustratingly tend to get treated with more respect than my husband.

The way a person is treated in India is very much based on their position in society. In fact, upon meeting someone, the first thing that an Indian will usually do is determine that position, then act accordingly. That is one of the reasons why Indians ask so many intrusive questions, such as “what do your parents do?”, “have you been to college?”, “how much do you earn?” (yes, they really ask that!), “are you married?”, and “do you have children?”.

There is a general rule though, and it’s based on skin colour and gender. White men have top position in the pecking order, followed by white women, then Indian men, and lastly Indian women. In my experience, if I go out somewhere with a gora (white man), he will be the one that gets the attention from waiters, shop assistants, and Indians in general. If I go out with my husband, Indians will usually defer to me.

There have been so many times that I’ve had success complaining about something where my husband hasn’t. There have also been many times where a place has willingly opened its doors to me and my white skin, but has resisted letting him in. I’ve even managed to make an unreasonable traffic policeman behave properly by reprimanding him.

Although I try not let it bother me, it does upset me occasionally. I see my husband as my equal, and I wish that other people would as well. It’s not fair that he should be treated as second class in his own country.

For me, this is probably the hardest thing about being married to an Indian and living in India. Unlike adapting to my new surroundings, it’s not something that’s likely to get easier either. My husband says that it might improve once we have children and look like more of a family. Hopefully, it will. Let’s wait and see!

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5 Things About India That Attract Me

I often get people writing to me, wondering why I choose to live in India. They think I’m a crazy for giving up my high standard of living, to be here with my husband. The thing is though, I fell in love with India long before I fell in love with my husband. Actually, I fell in love with India five years before I even met him. It happened the first time I visited India, in 2000. I was fascinated by the country. I found it to be vast, unfathomable, and full of life. I wanted to be a part of it (not that I ever imagined I would be!).

For sure, India often tests my patience. It’s like a never ending rollercoaster ride. I get frustrated and fed up. Yet, I can’t deny, I’m still under India’s spell. Here are five reasons why.

1. India is Untamed

Funnily enough, the thing the often irritates me the most about India is also the thing that ensures I’m never bored here. Every time I go outside, there is something different and interesting happening. Things that I’ve never seen before, and never thought possible. Camels, elephants, bullock carts, and overladen vehicles all jostle for position on the roads. Not to mention, the multitude of vendors with their hand pulled wooden carts. All around, everywhere, everyone is doing something.

2. Incense

The warm waft of incense never fails to awaken something in me. I love the fact that it’s so much a part of everyday life in India. I light it in the morning when I get out of bed, in the evening when it becomes dark, and often when I’m about to go to sleep as well. The smell is soothing yet inspiring at the same time.

3. Mystery

India is ancient. There is so much to discover and learn here. The history, the traditions, the rituals. And, India is a country that reveals itself only a little at a time. I feel like I have to earn my understanding of India.

4. Spirituality

I’m not a religious person, but I’m a very spiritual one. I actually don’t belong to any religion (thanks to my parents, who decided that I could make up my own mind). I’ve dabbled in a few, but it wasn’t until I came to India that anything really resonated with me. Here, God is in everything. People have such a close relationship with God in India. And, Hinduism offers so many different ways of connecting to God. It’s a religion for the mind and the body. I find the meaning behind the mythology fascinating, and strangely enough, believable. India has really helped me define what life and death is all about.

5. Clothes

I adore wearing Indian clothes. The colors, the design, all the jewellery and accessories. I feel transformed.

Visit Sharell's Blog 'Diary of a White Indian Housewife' at for many more interesting experiences.

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