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Brooch - The Versatile Ornament

A Brooch is the most versatile ornament a woman can own. It is one of my favorite jewellery item of all. The dictionary meaning of Brooch is a decorative jewellery item designed to be attached to garments, often to hold them together. It was more of a utility piece when draped garments were more popular than stitched garments. Now a days, brooches have more of an ornamental value. It can be worn with almost anything from a woman’s wardrobe. Functional or decorative, they can never go unnoticed.

Traditional way of wearing a brooch is the classic way- on the lapel of your coat,jacket or blazer, or close to your heart over a dress, sweater or any other outerwear. But during winters, there are  unconventional ways of flaunting this decorative piece of jewellery. Some of them are:

1. On a hat or a cap:- Especially love this one to hide a bad hair day.

2. Hair:- On good hair days,a brooch just adds so much of glamor.


3. Over a collar:- Wear it to work on the collar of your classic shirt or blouse and be ready for the compliments.

4. With scarves:- Wear it on a scarf to add that extra element of interest to the normally boring or overused piece of garment.

5. On shoes:- Be it on ballet flats or high heel boots, a brooch on your favorite shoe? Too much I say!

6. On bags:- Brooches on bags look adorable if paired rightly so.

7. With necklace:- Throw on couple of your favorite necklaces and tie them together with a brooch for a trendy look for the evening.

8. With belts:- One belt with different brooches or one brooch with different belts, the ideas are unlimited.

Brooch - The Versatile Ornament