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Fashion Trends of Winter 2011-12

Winter is undoubtedly my most favorite season of the year! What makes it my favorite ??? Well who doesn't look all sophisticated and smart by just throwing a classic pea coat or a trench and gets to accessories with so much variety available in the market these days. Winter makes everyone look fashionable. I mean haven’t you worn a classic black pea-coat on a pair of your favorite warm pj’s to run around and do your errands and still managed to look chic? How about that?

So lets review what’s “IN” this season:
1. For all those ‘bling’ lovers - you can go all the way this season with this shiny, jazzy and eye catching trend. Be it a day or night, sequin can light up anyone’s dull and boring day. Of course you can’t be too bold and jazzy at work place but sequins can also be done in a more subtle and classy way. Tone-ontone sequin tops or blouses in chiffon or silk paired with jeans or trousers ,is a great way to add the bling to a formal attire. Just keep the color of the pants neutral or midtone, depending on the color of the top.If you are not ready to jazz up your basic clothing, accessories are a great way to add shine to your day. Woolen scarfs with sequin,sparkly shoes and short sequined jacket can be great options to carry your day wear to an evening wear.

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2. This is a season of going bold and out there with experimenting. Designers collaged different colors,patterns and textures to create vibrant looks. In fashion- there is no fixed rule!

Leather jackets with fur trims, some chunky woolen fabrics embellished with beads and pearls, combination of different prints like stripes with vintage floral etc are just some of the examples. Do not hesitate this season and keep it fresh and interesting by mixing textures like leather and lace or even chiffon with wool.
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Geometric prints have also been around for a while in some form or the other but this season, “dots” take away all the attention. Dots teamed up with floral or solids in different textures is a perfect amalgamation of femininity and strength.

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3. Another favorite trend of mine this season is the importance given to bright colors. Being an Indian, I obviously have some affinity towards vibrant colors. To come up with interesting creations,designers are using color blocking techniques this season. Color blocking combines the use of two or more blocks of color in an ensemble.This techniques can be used in tops,bottoms,dresses or even in accessories. It simply means creating outfits by putting blocks of solid colors next to each other. The colors could be monotones,brights,muted,complimentary or contrasting. Why is color blocking so popular? Well women love it as it hides all the flaws of the body. Sounds good right? Well then do not hesitate to experiment with this trend this season. Of course it has to be done the right way. The very basic principle to keep in mind here is to team up the color blocked piece with the basic blacks,whites or neutrals so that you look polished and trendy.
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4. Fur- not one of my favorite trends but somehow cannot escape it this season. Fur is ‘in” everything and everywhere. Be it a leather jacket, woolen coat, trenches, sweaters and accessories like scarfs and hats-it’s there! Designers have added newness to this trend by inventing psychedelic colors,something like candy colored stoles. To go with the color trend of bright and bold,designers have experimented with vibrant color dyeing techniques.

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 So how do you like this season? Doesn’t it give us an opportunity to experiment with ourselves and make our own style statement? We can layer up,overdress, be smart and chic with so many options available out there.
So whats your favorite?

About the Author:

Radhika Muthye is a freelance fashion professional. She has worked both as a designer and a merchandiser with several reputed fashion houses. She holds a B.Sc. in design from Bombay University and an advanced degree in Fashion marketing and merchandising from Parsons, the New School of Design in New York. 

With this column, Radhika brings to our readers her fresh take on global fashion with an Indian twist.

Fashion Trends of Winter 2011-12

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