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PrayforbostonI read about the bomb blasts at the Boston marathon after reading a Facebook status updates, a friend had just a symbol, profound and conveyed every emotion with that one little emoticon :(
The USA Today has some very graphic images of the incident and as you watch it your frustration turns to anger to dismay. When did it become okay to kill people enjoying their life, triumphing their pain as they finished the marathon, who gives anyone the right to take away the feelings to elation and replace them with despair or anger. When did innocent children and young college kids and athletes become collaterals for such dastardly acts of violence. What happened to the rules of war, to crime and punishment.
Mahabharata has a story about Ashwathama. A the war at Kurukshtera nearly ended and the Pandavas defeated the Kauravas, Ashwathama as one last resort, shot the Bramhastra - the equivalent of nuclear weapon. Arjuna shot his Bramhastra in reply. If the two did not take back their weapons, the end of the world was certain. Krishna asked both of them to retrieve their weapons, upon which Arjuna did but Ashwathama refused. Since Arjuna had taken back his weapon, Ashwathama was asked to point it to only one person and save the humanity. In blind rage to bring grief to Arjuna, Ashwathama directed the weapon towards the unborn child of Abhimanyu and Uttara, Arjunas grandson from his beloved martyred son. Everyone was aghast at the cruelty of Ashwathama. As punishment, he was asked to give a diamond that was embedded in his forehead and was his source of power. He was also cursed to never die until the world ends and they say he still roams the Himalayas nursing his never healing wound on the forehead hiding from everyone, never dying and paying the price of his deed. Some say the sitings of Yeti is Ashwathama.
This is the worst possible punishment, to never die and suffer everyday in physical pain and mental agony of a deed that cannot be undone. May the perpetrators of such meaningless violence get an exemplary punishment.
Pray for Boston!