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Our Contributors

Our contributors are our lifeblood. These folks keep things interesting and vibrant at Indya Unlimited. They come from all walks of life and each one brings unique experiences and skills. Its the collective wisdom and effort of these people that makes us what we are. Get to know them today!

Aarti Deshpande Nandini Kambi
Amala Joshi Niloy Ghosh Dastidar
Andrea McKinnon Nita Chhatwani Talwar
Anjali Deshpande Prachi Agarwal
Aravind Singtalur Pradnya Deodhar
Ashwini Khambete Rege Priya Pawar
Ashwini Kulkarni Priyanka Mahale
Bela Bodas Purnima Palkar
Bharati Gokhale Pushpa Pathak
Bryan D'Souza Radhika Garud
Bronwyn McBride
Ranjana S. Krishnan
BusyBee Rashmi
Chitra Prabhu
Sandeep Kulkarni
Claudia Versey Sandhya Marathe
Deepa Nadkarni Shailja Taneja Arram
Jay Amdekar Sharell Cook
Jayu Wagh Shubham Kadam
Kiran Sirisha
Krishna Wagh Sonali Bhurke
Lakshmi Kanth Uppala Subhash Pathak
Manoj Bhave Sudha Khare
Mohan Bhave Supriya Bhambawale
Monica Vyavahare Tanvi

Indya Unlimited is expanding, and in search of writers/bloggers to write about a variety of topics like food, movies, travel and history/culture.  If you love writing and are passionate about any of the above topics, this is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to showcase your talent to the world !!! Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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